What Are the Custom Privacy Settings in GB WhatsApp?

Enhanced Privacy Options

GB WhatsApp is one best of the best applications that offer you tons of custom privacy settings to benefit for a complete control over your chat-feature. These allow users to control both who can see some of their activity and on how they behave on the app. If you want to know in detail what GB WhatsApp has to offer in terms of privacy then read this guide;

Control Over Online Status

Meanwhile, users can hide their online status in the original version and use GB WhatsApp without the status being active. A way of reading a message without the sender knowing you are online. The standard version of WhatsApp does not provide for this level of flexibility.

Select Who Can Call You

It lets you pick who can call you on GB WhatsApp. Allows for distinct contact blocking of incoming calls or messages. It is the perfect customization to be able to communicate with many people, without receiving unwanted interruptions.

Blue Ticks and Second Ticks

You can hide blue ticks (read receipts) and second ticks (delivery receipts) using the app. Message Read-Without-Sender-Knowing functionality. Furthermore, regardless of if the message is delivered, the sender will still only get one tick, indicating it was merely sent. These options can be used on a global level or a per-contact basis.

Writing and Recording Status

User from GB WhatsApp Can Also Hide Their Writing And Recording Status The app allows you to type or record a voice message without letting anyone else know. This creates more privacy when responding to conversations.

Specifically, controlling privacy for Groups and Broadcasts.

GB WhatsApp provides group chats and broadcast lists a special set of privacy settings. They can even specify read receipts per group, thus allowing for a granular approach to managing the visibility of their engagement in different group settings.

Setting Up Privacy Controls

Enabling these privacy controls in GB WhatsApp is easy:

Now go to the settings of the GB WhatsApp.Link to download GB WhatsApp

Click on 'Account' then 'Privacy'.

All these privacy options have been given to you here(Note : - READ ) Adjust all of these settings based on your "liking".

Keep Your Privacy Intact, Receive Frequent Updates

For the privacy features to work at their best, it is necessary to update your GB WhatsApp. Our developers refine these features on an ongoing basis so security is generally stronger as well as our usability. DO NOT EVER DOWNLOAD UPDATES ELSEWHERE BESIDE THE OFFICIAL GB WHATSAPP SITE

The modified privacy aspects of GB WhatsApp is something you can never find on normal messaging apps. This is for users who value their privacy and want greater control over their communication settings. From how you keep your online status private, or limit people who can contact you, GB WhatsApp upholds settings that would heighten even the most security-conscious user's control game.

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