What are the most popular sports for live betting on ArenaPlus?

Introduction to the Most Popular Live Betting Sports

Live betting has become a sensation among sports enthusiasts, and ArenaPlus stands out as a top platform for this exhilarating experience. Offering a wide range of sports, ArenaPlus caters to the diverse interests of its users. Let's delve into the details of the most popular sports for live betting on this remarkable platform.


Football is undoubtedly the king of sports when it comes to live betting on ArenaPlus. With numerous leagues and tournaments, it provides abundant opportunities for bettors. Key reasons for its popularity include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of global leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A
  • In-play betting options like next goal scorer, total goals, and match-winner
  • Real-time statistics and live streaming enhancing the betting experience

On average, more than 5 million bets are placed on football matches monthly on ArenaPlus, showcasing its massive following.


Basketball enthusiasts find live betting on ArenaPlus particularly thrilling, thanks to the fast-paced nature of the game. Key aspects that contribute to its popularity include:

  • Coverage of major leagues such as the NBA, EuroLeague, and CBA
  • Multiple live betting markets like point spreads, over/under, and player performances
  • Instant updates and detailed match analytics

ArenaPlus reports that approximately 3 million live bets are placed on basketball games every month, which highlights its strong presence among users.


Live betting on tennis on ArenaPlus captures the attention of many due to the sport's dynamic nature and frequent changes in momentum. Highlights include:

  • Availability of matches from ATP, WTA, and Grand Slam tournaments
  • In-play markets such as set winner, total games, and point-by-point betting
  • Up-to-the-minute scoreboards and player statistics

With more than 2 million bets placed monthly, tennis stands out as a favorite among live bettors on ArenaPlus.


The rise of esports has introduced a new dimension to live betting on ArenaPlus. The platform caters to this growing segment by offering bets on popular games like:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2

ArenaPlus ensures that live betting on esports is as exciting as traditional sports by providing comprehensive match coverage and diverse betting options. Over 1 million live bets on esports are recorded monthly, indicating significant interest.

Horse Racing

Horse racing continues to be a staple in the live betting landscape on ArenaPlus. Bettors appreciate the variety and excitement of betting on races. Notable features include:

  • Global race coverage from top racing tracks
  • Live betting options such as win/place/show, exactas, and trifectas
  • Real-time odds and detailed race analysis

Horse racing garners around 500,000 live bets each month on ArenaPlus, maintaining its position as a beloved betting sport.


Football, basketball, tennis, esports, and horse racing are the most popular sports for live bettors on ArenaPlus. The platform's comprehensive coverage, diverse betting markets, and real-time updates attract millions of users each month. For an unparalleled live betting experience, explore the extensive offerings on ArenaPlus and join the excitement.

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