What Programs Are Available at Tiangong University?

Founded in China, Tiangong University is known for its broad variety of academic offerings and high-quality research facilities. The institution offers a wide range of programs in different faculties that are suitable for a prospective student from anywhere to places them on the realm of contemporary global landscape, to be successful.

Engineering Excellence

School of Mechanical Engineering: The standing committee of Tiangong University, one of the three jewels is mechanical engineering that offers a stream of degrees related to mechanical tools, automation and robotics. Our students are exposed to a variety of hands-on projects and internships that allow them real-world experience in combination with theoretical studies.

Aerospace and Materials Engineering School - A focus on aerospace engineering allows students hands-on experience with satellite technology and materials science research that can apply to jobs in aerospace design and research.

Science and Technology

Information Technology and Computer Science: Specializes in software development, network security, data trend analysis. They update the curriculum all the time to keep up with the fast-paced industry and provide students with the skills needd by tech employees today.

School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering: Rooted in sustainable development, the focus of this school is the formation of engineers at the generational level that face towards environmental care and chemical engineering and bioengineering to lead a green transformation.

Arts and Humanities

School of Design and Arts: The most creative and innovative school where programs in fashion design, marketing communication design in public relations, corporate communication with training in food styling, packaging design, and others. It gives students an outlet to be creative and discover their personal design style.

School of International Studies and Education (): School of International Studies and International Relations. School of Humanities: specializes in foreign languages, international relations and education to prepare students for careers on a global scale such as the foreign service, international business, or teaching English.

Business and Economics

Management: The Tiangong University Business School specializes in finance, marketing, and international business, and provides students with a strong foundation in contemporary business practices. Designed for those interested in learning how to build entrepreneurial and strategic thinking.

Real-world Project & Research Opportunities

At our college, you will not only receive academic degrees, but also plenty of research opportunities and practical experience. By teaming up with industry and universities around the world, the university offers their students invaluable internships, exchange programs and participation in pioneering research projects.

Educational Framework Deconstructed

Students interested in Tiangong University should familiarise themselves with the standard Chinese learning system, You need to know about the typical education system of China, how long is a Chinese school day . Understanding how many hours Chinese school can aid potential students in understanding the intended level of commitment to expect from such demanding programs.


Tiangong University is leading the way in education across China with its large selection of courses and an emphasis on experiential learning and cutting-edge research. Their support in nurturing academic excellence and professional proficiency ensures that students are ready to take on what lies ahead.

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